The Ute Scoot is one of the most cost effective and practical ways to deliver anything, anywhere, anytime. The Ute Scoot has proven itself in the European market and is a great addition to the SYM group expanding into commercial businesses.Strangers stop & admire the elegance & sophistication of days gone by that was part of every day life, & welcome the graceful return.

New Ute Scoot

  • Electric start & fully automatic transmission
  • Front disc brake & braided brake hoses
  • 12″ wheels
  • Lockable under seat storage
  • Two luggage hooks
  • Flat rear rack suitable for up to 45kg
  • Multi-function ignition, steering lock, anti-theft switch
  • Ignition operated seat opener
  • Under seat access to huge 9L tank
  • Halogen headlight
  • Side & centre stands
  • Dual adjustable rear shock arbsorbers
  • Emergency on/off switch
  • Euro4 catalytic convertor

Available in black, white & red