Scooter Hire



Darwin Scooter Hire has what you need for making your way around Darwin.

With a car licence you can ride a 50cc or with a motorcycle licence bigger scooters are available and yes you can hire a scooter with a provisional licence, you just need to be 18 years old.


Scooters are a fun and affordable way to all the sights that Darwin has to offer. A full tank of fuel lasts all day, just refill your tank with your loose pocket change before you bring them back.

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 50cc   $50  $60

200cc  $60  $70

50cc   $70

200cc   $120

650cc+ $180





  $15  $20



Mountain bikes

S150 deposit required or credit card

Our rides have names! 
1 Select your time frame (contact us for weekly/monthly rental)

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